Interesting Things that Few Know About or Have Ever Seen is the combination of a nickname and my home state.

There is always something few have heard about or seen at any name brand department store like
Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc.

Not everything will be about Texas, but since it is my home state, this webpage is how I wanted to start.
Among the interesting items I list here, I will sometimes include my own Made by a Texan Handcrafted Items.
I use the internet to spread the word about TMB.
This page will change often as new interesting things are found. Older listed items simply will move to a different webpage, they will not disappear.

I am TexasMissB or
MsBarb to others

Like what you see here, tell others.
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Click Here to see Cutting Boards in USA State shapes.
If you want a cutting board for your Sport BBQ Events, Click Here to see some shaped like footballs, baseballs, or show your Team Pride with one that reflects your team logo and colors.
Are there fidgety people in your life? Get bored sitting idle while stuck in traffic or just a car passenger on a long trip?
Perfect for EDC ADHD adults or children, helps to improve focus, reduce anxiety or boredom.
There are Sport Logos, Flags, Animals, Famous People, etc.

Think you are too old to experience the fun of coloring book. Think again if you really like cats and have friends that also really like them.Here is a link for lots of other
Cat Lover Gifts
There are thousands of things that you probably did not think about or ever saw in stores.

Texas Gift Baskets
Contents might include:
Wild Jalapeno Jelly,
Armadillo Droppings,
Texas Sludge, Horny Toads, etc.
Some also include
a Texas State shaped basket.
Click Here for more Gift Basket styles and items to put in them.
Texas is the 2nd largest USA state and has 254 counties. The largest parking lot in the world is at the Texas Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Texas still owns all of its public lands, so the federal government must ask for the state's permission before creating a park or cutting a stand of timber. Texas retains the right to fly its Lone Star flag at the same height as the national flag.
If you live anywhere near lakes or coastal areas, Fishing would be a popular thing to do. Of course, you will need the right equiptment. Not every tackle store will have what fishermen swear are The Best rod and reel, The Best lure, The Best tools, etc.
Click Here to find hundreds of different fish gear things which include hats, line, bags, nets, etc. There are also home decor items, books, games for the little guys/gals too young to actually GO fishing yet.

A Best Seller in the Vitamins & Dietary Supplements Group.
It is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and perhaps anticancer properties.
I rarely find it in stores near me since it is always Sold Out.
Texas Spices
Rubs & Seasonings

John Henrys Chicken Tickler, Salt Lick, Pbie-Cues, GunPowder, Aw Shit Hot n'Spicy, SnuckleBusters, 2 Gringos, Slap Ya Mama, Killer Hogs, Stubbs, Texas Pete, Four Horsemen, Stubbs, Bad Bryons, Jimmy Os, Special Shit, etc.
Click Here to see lots of other Spices and Seasonings.

Other types of gift cards available: Bat Tour for 2, Texas Motor Speedway Ride Along, Hot Air Balloon Ride, etc.
Click Here to find more than just restaurant gift cards.
A live oak tree with an estimated age of more than 1500 years is located near Fulton, Texas. Dr Pepper was invented in Waco, TX in 1885..there is no period after the Dr in Dr Pepper. The winter home of North America's only remaining flock of endangered whooping cranes is The Aransas Wildlife Refuge, located at Austwell, TX. The Horned Lizard is the state reptile. (I knew these as Horny Toads and saw 100s of them when I was younger and would go walking in pasturelands.)

Texas Declaration of Independence
Find all sorts of Collectibles like: unusual paper towel holders, hovering football helmets, $2 dollar bills, etc. Click Here to find stuff that is not available in stores.
The 1980s
This is a must have by those who grew up in the 80s, has  iconic items, people and events that most people will know.
Click NOW to see More great puzzles.

This is a Must Have Star Trek item. Reviewers say this polyster t-shirt runs small, so you might want to consider ordering a larger size.
Click Here for more Star Trek stuff.
Many of us use a Pen daily, few have one(s) that are Eye Grabbers like these: Skelton Bones, Cartoon Animals, Flower Bouquet, Vegetables & Fruits, Hardware Tools, Race Cars, etc. There are lots designed for people with career jobs, etc.
Click Here to see more Collectible Novelty Pens,
most cannot be found in stores!
Lou Diamond Phillips, grew up in Corpus Christi, TX and graduated from Flour Bluff High School. Worked at Whataburger as a teen. In 1987, he played Ritchie Valens in the film La Bamba. Tommy Lee Jones, born in San Saba, TX and worked in Texas oil fields and underwater construction. In the famous 29-29 Harvard-Yale football game of '68 he was known as "The Tie." He never took an acting class. Gary Busey, born in Goose Creek, TX. He has played in several bands including Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson.
Almost every home has salt and pepper on the dining table, stove or BBQ grill. I would collect a Shaker Set every season knowing that next year it would not be available. Pick Your Favorite Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Here. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is really not that far away! Dragon Herd Owners, this Red Hatchling needs a home.

Click Here to see 100s Dragons: all colors, all sizes, for kids and adults!
Everyone has a key to something, put it (or them) on one of these
Texas Keyrings.
I could not choose just one to put here: Sport Team Logos, Personalized, Wristlet Rings, Bottle Opener Keyring, etc. These make great gifts!
Who Doesn't Love Texas?

Which Side of Texas
Do You Drink From?
Great Gift/Souvenir Idea!
Click Here to see more Texas Mugs.
The Alamo, located in San Antonio TX, was a mission then converted into a fort and became famous during the Texan War of Independence. The cry of "Remember the Alamo!" eventually became a slogan to honor the 187 defenders that were killed there. The Sixth Floor Museum, in Dallas, TX. This is from where the fatal shot was fired that killed President John F. Kennedy. The Museum offers a detailed account of the assassination. Space Center, 30 minutes drive from Houston is also home of Mission Control, the monitoring cener for the agency's manned space flights. It has many exhibits including samples of moon rock. It also offers visitors a chance to dress up as an astronaut, experience a space simulator, and see real rockets.

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